Who shouldn’t use the cold laser Prism Light Pod?

The whole body cold laser Prism Light Pod is safe for most people to use.

In a couple of cases it may be better to opt for a hand-held laser session:

  • Pregnancy: because we can specifically avoid exposing the developing fetus to the light with the hand-held, it’s recommended
  • Cancer: we cannot do laser therapy over an active cancer lesion except in palliative cases with oncologist approval; the hand-held laser is a better choice
  • Injections: we cannot laser directly over a steroid injection for about 30 days afterwards (though putting cloth over the site also works)
  • Pacemaker: we can work around it more easily with hand-held (though putting cloth over the device also works)

Some people cannot have laser at all:

  • People on drugs that cause photo-sensitivity where they cannot safely be outside for 10 minutes
  • People with medical conditions or photo-allergy where they cannot safely be outside for 10 minutes
  • If you have applied essential oils that cause photo sensitization within 8-10 hours (especially citrus oils)

Things that do not affect the whole body laser:

  • Metal implants
  • Joint replacements
  • Tattoos

We’re sure you’ll have more questions about light therapy and how it can help you; here is the link to our master FAQ page.  Or give us a call at 941-676-3433 or book online!

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