What kind of facial service should I get? Skin Care 101

What kind of facial should I get? 

We don’t love how you’re expected to order your facial treatments off a menu as if you were ordering a pizza. This is not your area of expertise (although you are undoubtedly the expert on your own body) and unless you are an experienced facial/skin care client, you may feel more overwhelmed than anything else.

There are several types of facials and they vary from spa to spa and dermatologist to dermatologist.

  1. A basic, foundational facial. Often a “lunchtime” or “express” facial, this doesn’t have as many steps or take as long as a more pampering facial. Great for those who have a handle on their skin care goals and are looking for a little help on a regular basis.   See your Mad Science Massage & Spa Options
  2. A basic, pampering facial. This facial often includes more pampering and relaxation, such as a hand and foot massage, or scalp massage. Perfect for when you want to relax and enjoy having someone else take care of your skin.  See your Mad Science Massage & Spa Options
  3. Acne facial. This is for those who breakout, whether adults or teenagers (yep, adult women still get acne and it still sucks!) and want help managing their breakouts, reducing inflammation, etc. Often educational, and may focus on extractions (removing debris, blackheads, and whiteheads), reducing redness, or reducing inflammation. See your Mad Science Massage & Spa Options
  4. Corrective facial. This is for those who have a particular issue, such as signs of aging, dryness, pigmentation (age spots, sun spots, etc.) that they want to address. Uses enzymes, serums, masks, etc. with an emphasis on home care treatments to assist. See your Mad Science Massage & Spa Options
  5. Advanced Corrective facial. This often involves some kind of light chemical peel and advanced treatments that require additional training, higher end products, and more careful preparation. Home care is a must as is avoiding the sun before and after the facial. See your Mad Science Massage & Spa Options
  6. Filler-alternative procedure. This is for those who want the look of younger, more plump skin and lips but who don’t want to undergo the discomfort of fractal, PRP, laser, vampire facials, microneedling, etc. Our ModVellum Clinical Nano-Fill has results in the same vein as these for the right client, without the downtime and pain. See your Mad Science Massage & Spa Options

Things we don’t do here:

  • 7. Fillers and procedures. Botox, injections, PRP, fractal, microneedling, etc. Often these procedures are done under the supervision of a nurse or physician, require more downtime and numbing, etc.
  • 8. Deep chemical peel. Once you get beyond a light chemical peel, such as what we offer at Mad Science Massage & Spa in Sarasota, you’ll want to go to a plastic surgeon or dermatologist to explore the deeper options. These have downtime, more strenuous prep, and higher discomfort and risks.

So in short: if you don’t know what type of facial is best for you, book a consultation with your esthetician and they will help guide you. And don’t be surprised if your esthetician guides you in a different direction if you’ve booked a service that is inappropriate. See your Mad Science Massage & Spa Options, call 941-676-3433 or book online. 

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