What is light therapy/laser therapy

What is this therapy that uses light and lasers that you’re bringing to Lakewood Ranch?

We’ve already offered one type of laser therapy and hundreds of satisfied patients have been the result.

Class IV Laser is a FDA-approved therapy that uses light to help stimulate healing on a cellular level while reducing your pain. It is a non-surgical, non-invasive, drug-free method of managing pain, and it can penetrate deeply enough to help with disc problems, spinal stenosis, and other conditions deep within the body. It works on all tissue types, both soft and hard, including muscles, ligaments, and bone.

Because we’ve had so much success with the hand-held Class IV warm deep tissue laser, we decided to bring on the full-body cold laser Prism Light Pod. In fact, we’re going to be the first in the state of Florida to offer it!

The cold laser Prism Light Pod allows the client to receive a full body head-to-toe treatment in just twenty minutes!

We’re sure you’ll have more questions about light therapy and how it can help you; here is the link to our master FAQ page. 

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