Summer Skin Care in Sarasota, Lakewood Ranch, Bradenton: Humid and Sweaty


Summer Skin Care for the Sarasota Area

The type of skin care products you are using, especially for our Florida climate in Sarasota, Lakewood Ranch, and Bradenton, need to take the environment into consideration. This article will help you with summer skin care.

The products you use during the winter, when we have a few days of dry cold and a lot of days of damp and chilly, are going to be different from meeting your skin’s needs when it’s hot, sweaty, and humid out. Especially if you’re a seasonal resident and come from a place with very different weather.


You should use sunscreen year round, especially in Florida. You are likely to need MORE of it if you’re going to be outside more often. Many people enjoy cooling off at the pool or beach. Stock up on 30+ SPF and make sure you’re using enough on yourself and your children.

Our Hale&Hush is great for a daily facial SPF for summer skin care as well as year-round and also works well for the arms and hands. (Look at your left arm and then your right. Have you noticed how the “driving arm” tends to get more sun?)

Oh, and be sure to protect your lips as well. There are several balms out there that will protect lips from UVA and UVB damage.


Most people do not need the same level of moisturizer during the humid summers as they do when it’s dryer.

The Spray-On Moisture from ModVellum is a great choice for all skin types, especially oilier ones that don’t do well with creams during the hottest months. It can be used any time of day, on bare skin or over makeup, and it has a cooling effect that will be refreshing.

If you find that you are still overly dry in the summer, you can use your regular moisturizer or switch to a lighter one. Focus on the driest areas.

You can also combine heavier moisturizer with a lighter weight cream as you transition from your winter routine to your summer routine or when the weather is jumping back and forth in the spring months. (And we all know summer weather here starts in April or May!)

That said–if you’re in and out of the water, you may notice that your skin reacts. Chlorine can be very drying and irritating. You may need a different product to help balance the skin’s lipid layer and keep the biome healthy.


If you’re exfoliating in the summer, which most people should be doing year-round, be careful not to over exfoliate. The sun, pool and ocean chemicals, and sweat can be more irritating on over-exfoliated skin.


Serums are potent formulations packed-full of ingredients to help create your ideal skin appearance. Be aware that some of those ingredients can create more sun sensitivity. Find out what’s in your serum and whether or not you need to take precautions. Using serums with retinol and other sun-sensitizing ingredients can be done at night where they will benefit you without risking burns.

Essential Oils

If you are using essential oils for your skin and body, whether it’s a roll-on application for headaches or a cream to relieve muscle tension, be aware. Oils extracted from citrus are notorious for causing skin sensitivity. Avoid applying them to areas that will be in the sun for 10+ hours beforehand and be sure to cover up with sunscreen and fabric.


We do not offer makeup for sale or as a service here, however we wanted to remind you that as your skin color changes from sun exposure, your foundation color may be too light. If you are using a combination foundation and sunscreen, be sure to update your pallet so you don’t have an excuse to skip your spf!

Seasonal changes are also a great time to go through your makeup bag and replace your mascara (every 3 months to avoid bacterial build up–we prefer eyelash tinting instead, something we offer here for $35 that lasts 4-6 weeks for most clients) as well as your expired makeup items.

Hair Care

If you are sweating more in the summer, which most of us do, you’ll find that hair products such as sprays and gels may make their way onto the back of the neck and the forehead. In some clients this causes breakouts. Tie your hair back so that it doesn’t touch the skin, or use less product on parts that are going to rest on skin.

Body Breakouts

Breaking out on the panty line, bra line, and where skin rubs together (like the thighs) is very common in Florida as well. Dry off immediately after working out and change out of sweaty. Using a hair dryer after a shower is another way to cut down on moisture.

Avoid friction. Monistat makes a great anti-chafe cream that works on the thighs and arms to help prevent irritation. It may need to be reapplied. Wearing something under a skirt or dress protects the thighs from rubbing such as bike shorts is another solution.

If you have areas of ingrown hair you can try using a gentle exfoliant or apply commercial preparation to avoid ingrowns and folliculitis (sold at most waxing studios).

Foot Fungus Among Us

When you’re in and out of the water you may not take time to properly dry your feet. This can lead to foot and toenail fungus. Be sure to dry off and wear absorbent socks. Flip Flops or water shoes are recommended in common areas to avoid athlete’s foot. We see a lot of kids from summer camps and swim camps with toenail issues.

If you need help figuring out your summer skin care routine, give us a call 941-676-3433 or book online. 



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