C*B*D Oil Massage

Sarasota's ORIGINAL provider of C*B*D Oil Massage.

A 75-minute to 110-minute relaxation massage that is more deeply soothing and pampering than any you've likely experienced.

Fully legal, no psychoactive effects. Starts at $85 for 75-minutes

(Limited in-home massages available for this service.)

Elemental Hot Synergy Stone Experience

Looking for the ultimate hot stone massage experience? We use hand-crafted stone ware made by an artisan fully customized for massage therapists.

These huge Synergy Stones take a lot of the suck out of hot stone massage. Less hands off time, less switching out stones, more heat retention, less mess, less noise. Starts at $85 for an hour

Mad Science Meltaway

C*B*D Oil Massage meets Synergy Stone Elemental Massage...

If a massage service was a drug, this one would be Valium or Xanax. Prepare to melt into the table. Up to 110-minutes of bliss.

Feel free to Uber in to our Lakewood Ranch massage office; you may not want to drive after this extremely relaxing massage therapy session!

Thai Massage on the Table

Thai Massage is hard to find in the Lakewood Ranch, Sarasota, Bradenton area. Our licensed massage therapist will help loosen up stiff, sore, achey muscles with a clothed-massage (think yoga clothes), using rhythmic compression, range of motion, gentle stretches, and massage strokes. Starts at $85 for 75-minutes. (Limited housecalls available for this service.)

Muscle Mechanic Visit

Love deep tissue, sustained deep pressure in a Swedish massage, or perhaps have a specific issue such as back pain, neck pain, or shoulder issues that you want massaged away?

The muscle mechanic visit at Mad Science Massage & Spa is for you! Starts at $85 for an hour

(Limited house calls available for this service.)

Alchemical Aromatherapy Massage

Our basic relaxation massage experience. A light to medium pressure Swedish massage. Choose from one of over twenty Alchemy blends to help transform your day. We keep our massage office stocked with a wide variety of essential oils to choose from.

A great introduction to massage therapy. $65 for one hour.

(Limited in home massage available for this service.)

Menstruation Massage

Shark week suck? Angry uterus? We offer a pampering 75+ minute massage specially tailored for when Aunt Flo is being a bitch.

Your massage includes a heated hot pack for the lower abdomen to help soothe cramps, essential oil Alchemy blends known for assisting with period problems, herbal Red Raspberry Leaf tea, and of course, a gourmet chocolate after your appointment.

Starts at $85 for 75-minutes. Recommended monthly for Lakewood Ranch, Sarasota, and Bradenton residents who love massage.

The Full Frankenstein

Ready for the ultimate two-hour vacation on the table?

This massage is two-hours of hands on time and includes our CBD Oil blend, your choice of Alchemy aromatherapy blend, our Elemental Hot Stones, and is followed by a 15-minute NAP. That's right... it's so relaxing we'll have to wake you up afterwards.

$200. Allow 2.5 hours total. A favorite thing to do in Sarasota for bridal parties.


We do things differently

Session Time

When you book an hour massage, do you want 60-minutes of hands-on time or the "spa hour" of 50 minutes?

Yeah, that's what we thought. All our advertised times are HANDS-ON time unlike others in the Sarasota massage world. So a 60-minute massage is truly 60-minutes.

You are never penalized for consultation time. We build that time into our schedule. Your first session includes up to 15-minutes of consultation and discussion.

No Contracts

Don't you just love having money auto-debited from your account every month?

We don't either.

There are no contracts, no pushy membership sales, no auto-debits.

Book a massage, or a series of massages, to meet YOUR needs. Come back when you're ready.

Our therapists

This may not mean much to most people, but we treat our therapists very fairly. That's why we have no turnover.

It sucks to find a therapist you love, only to go back the next month and find out they've quit! At Mad Science Massage & Spa we aren't just selling massage experiences; we're selling long-term therapeutic relationships. So go ahead, let your friends know about your favorite LMT here!

  • Our therapists are paid generously for their time with our clients. (In most cases our senior therapists are making twice what they would at a franchise; meaning they can afford continuing education, self care, and vacations with their families! We don't want burnt out therapists here.)
  • Our therapists are ALSO paid for the time they spend making notes, dealing with laundry, returning phone calls, etc. (This is NOT industry standard.)
  • We pay hourly, not on commission, to ensure they always do the best for the client (and not their checkbook).
Deborah stretching out a client

Next Steps...

Ready to reserve your massage laboratory experience in our Lakewood Ranch office? Call 941-676-3433 or BOOK NOW

(Note: in-home massage/housecall massage must be booked over the phone; we will be adding this to online booking soon.)