Recruit better candidates using corporate wellness

Today’s work force values work-life balance more than any generation before, and has a deeper concern for and awareness of wellness and health.

The unemployment rate is pretty low at the moment and talent is in high demand.If you are finding you aren’t attracting as many quality applicants to your business, it may be time to overhaul your perks and benefits. 

According to Forbes, 87% of workers consider health and wellness benefits when deciding to apply for and accept a new position.

67% of workers who have excellent corporate wellness plans are likely to stay with their companies longer and recommend job opportunities to friends. Workers at a job with better wellness plans are more likely to stay longer.

More than half of gen z and millennials rate corporate wellness as extremely important to them and a strong consideration when faced with multiple job offers.

Once you have settled on adding to your wellness plan (which hopefully will include some onsite corporate chair massage!) be sure to let people know about it.

Improve recruiting and retention efforts by making your focus on employee wellness part of your brand. Market it as your corporate culture to existing team members as well as future candidates.

Internally you can utilize memos, emails, and meetings to be sure everyone understands what is available to them.

Externally, feature your perks on the job section of your website, your social media, eblasts. Especially celebrate your successes. Employee lost a lot of weight? Celebrate. Employee got off medication? Celebrate. Make it known that you care about the people who work for you, not just for the bottom line.

Here is to 2019 becoming a year of corporate wellness! 

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