Organic Skin Care: Scam, Con, or Legit?

Is organic skin care necessary or is it a big fat scam?

This is a loaded topic; I know. Bear with me here.

Let’s start with a premise most of us can agree with.

We want to know what is in our skin care and we want to know what’s NOT in our skin care.

I think that’s what this topic comes down to.

We choose organic fruits, vegetables, milk, meat, and coffee, hoping that they aren’t loaded with pesticides and other nasty things.

We want to protect ourselves and our family.

We want to feel in control over what we’re putting inside (and outside) our meat suits so they last as long as possible with as few issues as possible.

This becomes complicated when you realize that organic foods and ingredients are actually sprayed with pesticides. (Shocking, I know. I didn’t believe it at first either. I’ll wait here if you want to google it.) Generally these are more “natural” pesticides, but pesticides still.

Not only that, but many foods and self care products say they are “organic” but that doesn’t necessarily mean anything. What percentage is organic? Even 100% Certified Organic only means that around 95% of the ingredients have to meet those conditions.

Our product lines are “organic when possible”. This basically means that IF an organic ingredient is available, then that is what is used. If the suppliers cannot meet the demand, however, some ingredients may be conventional instead.

I have an alternative suggestion to organic skin care concerns

Since the main issue is knowing what we’re putting on our bodies when it comes to organic cleansers, moisturizers, etc. I suggest we start looking at manufacturing processes instead.

For example, the ModVellum Clinical professional skin care line we carry at Mad Science Massage & Spa in Sarasota, Florida (near Lakewood Ranch and Bradenton) uses an FDA Registered/FDA Compliant Laboratory. 

The FDA does not regulate or approve cosmetic manufacturers, but a laboratory CAN voluntarily register with the FDA. (If they make food, drugs, or deal with blood and tissue then they MUST register.) Once registered, they must meet or exceed the criteria set by the FDA and Good Manufacturing Practices for everything from storage to documentation to handling, be inspected to prove that they have done so, and be subject to being shut down if they do not meet them.

EVERY batch of raw ingredients that is brought into our line’s manufacturer is first tested for impurities. If there are heavy metals, pesticides, pollutants, or other things that aren’t up to the specifications of the manufacturer, the batch is rejected. Every single thing that is in the bottle or jar is on the label. And we know that because of the many stringent tests, sanitation requirements, controls, inspections, and other safe guards our line’s lab chooses to use.

Clean Laboratory Made Formulations are CLEANER

So not every ingredient is organic but it IS clean. The lines we chose also do NOT use animal testing, use sustainable sourced and ecologically responsible practices, and are committed to keeping your skin AND the environment as good looking as possible.

Compare this to a small-batch “all organic” skin care line that is being made in someone’s kitchen. (Not saying that’s a bad thing; there are many small skin care lines out there that are fabulous.) The raw ingredients may not be being tested for these things. It’s hard to say where they’re buying them from. Chances are it’s a wholesaler sight who is purchasing the ingredients in bulk from someone else. Some are harvesting ingredients out of personal herb gardens.

There is no oversight in that kitchen to ensure sanitation, proper levels of safe preservatives, quality or potency, etc. You also don’t know what kind of controls are in place to make sure every batch of a lotion or potion is the same as the one you bought a few months back. Or what kind of product testing has been done to ensure it’s effective and has few adverse reactions.

Other than some criteria for labeling that must be met, these hand-crafted lines are pretty much able to do what they wish. (As long as they aren’t making something injurious or dangerous, there aren’t large amounts of filth, and they aren’t claiming drug effects or misleading miracles.)

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