New Pricing Structure: $89 for Any Massage Combo

One of the most common questions a spa like ours will get is, “how much does massage cost?”

Prices vary widely here in Sarasota and Lakewood Ranch for a massage therapy session.

We decided to make one set price for your Licensed Massage Therapist’s time, and that’s $89 for one hour and $110 for 90-minutes.

Your massage session can be customized however you’d like. No more choosing between CBD Oil and Hot Stone; have them both!

The following is included in your $89 massage therapy hour:

  • Alchemical Aromatherapy: Over 20 essential oils blends to choose from.
  • Synergy Stone Elemental Massage: These stones blow traditional stones (glorified river rocks) out of the water. They hold heat far longer so you get far more hands-on time.
  • Cold Stone Massage: Beat the summertime heat with cold stones in your massage. Cold stone face massage is one of our most popular requests.
  • Deep Tissue / Pain Relief Work: Go ahead, ask for deep pressure, or specific work on a problem area.
  • Relaxation Massage: Just want to relax? You can do that too. Or, mix and match!
  • General or Specific Work: It’s your hour. Only want your hands, feet, and scalp massaged? Or do you prefer a traditional full-body Swedish massage?
  • C*B*D Oil: This deeply relaxing enhancement will help you let go of the world during your true-time massage session. (That means when we say “an hour” you really get 60 minutes of hands-on work. Not 50-minutes like at most spas in Sarasota.)
  • Hot Towels: A spa favorite.
  • Hot Packs: Relax tight muscles and soothe achey fascia with hot packs.
  • Sensory Blankets: For those who like the feeling of weight on top of the blanket.
  • Frozen Sensory Blanket: A deeply cooling and relaxing weight to help you chill out.
  • Your choice of music.
  • Table Heater: with ten settings, we’ll keep you warm to toasty!
  • Any modality your therapist is trained to perform. Mix and match.

Book your massage therapy session for $89 or $110 today!

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