May 2018 Events

May 11th at 1PM
Learn about ingredients, procedures, and treatments for anti-aging. It’s super easy to be confused and overwhelmed. We will mention our options for these things, but it is not meant to be a sales presentation. You’ll receive layman’s-language skin education and be able to better evaluate the things you see advertised so you can make the best choice possible. FREE but RSVP is required 941-676-3433
May 16th all day
Hot stone massage, when done well, is a favorite for most of our massage clients. Unfortunately, finding a great hot stone massage (or even a decent one) can be hard. Stones lose heat too quickly requiring lots of hands-off time and messing with loud, wet things across the room. The shapes aren’t very versatile leaving your massage therapist with few options. On May 16th you can make a “try it” appointment for our Synergy Stone Hot Stone Massage, which blows any other stone experience out of the water. Our very large stones are hand-crafted stoneware (not glorified river rocks) made by an artisan for massage therapists.
May 20th all day
Ready to use your Mother’s Day presents and gift certificates? We’re having a Mommy & Me Day. Come in for a facial or massage and your little one (5 and up please) will receive a FREE age-appropriate treatment “Just like Mommy”. Appointment required 941-676-3433
May 25th all day
Do you want plump sexy lips but injections and needles scare you? We’re having a full-day informational event (RSVP and appointment REQUIRED 941-676-3433) all about how to have the lips you desire. Learn about your options and receive a discounted lip plumping procedure (no downtime, no needles!) and eyelash tint this day only.
May 29th all day
School’s out for summer! Now’s a great time to tackle teen acne. Start good habits, learn about inflammatory skin issues, hidden causes of acne, and receive complementary assessment and product demo. RSVP required 941-676-3433

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