Ingredient Spotlight: Pyruvic Acid

Pyruvic Acid is yet another high-quality ingredient that helps stimulate collagen and elastin production, reduce dead skin cells, and provide antiseptic properties.

Pyruvic acid is often found from grapes, honey, apples, vinegar, and fermented fruit and is produced for skin care from the dry distillation of racemic acid. It stimulates your skin’s natural ability to produce HA, hyaluronic acid, which is a plumping and lubricating substance that is very desirable and anti-aging.

It’s often used for more sensitive skins and can assist in rebuilding the underlying health, such as compromised skin barriers and lipid layer imbalances.

It’s a medium-high strength chemical peeling agent with remodeling properties comparable to TCA peels. It’s been shown to be effective for many issues such as acne, superficial scarring, over-oily skin, and the always popular pigment issues. It converts into Lactic Acid.

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