Ingredient Spotlight: Jojoba Beads

Have you heard the controversy about microplastics? Ugh! Our oceans are filling up with them. Just say NO to companies who use these for exfoliation, teeth whitening, and other purposes.

ModVellum Clinical went the smart way and formulated their Porcelain peel to use jojoba beads instead of wasteful, and destructive, microbeads. (One of our favorite things is that ModVellum Clinical cares about whats going on your skin AND down your drain, as well as sourcing responsibly, being cruelty-free, and so much more.)

The smooth spheres work to physically exfoliate the skin as well as deliver jojoba emollients and other active ingredients directly to the skin.

For more information about the ecologically-responsible professional skin care and environmentally friendly facial treatments at Lakewood Ranch based Mad Science Massage & Spa, book online or call 941-676-3433 to make an appointment.

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