Ingredient Spotlight: Garcinia Mangostana (Mangosteen) Use in Skin Care

Garcinia Mangostana (Mangosteen) is found in some ModVellum Clinical products. This article will help you understand the role Mangosteen plays in skin care and facial lines. 

Mangosteen is often referred to as the “Queen of tropical fruits” due to the many therapeutic properties it has, both nutritionally and for skin and body care.

There is a class of naturally occuring polyphenol , called xanthones. Alpha mangosteen and Gamma mangosteen (the two types of xanthones in this fruit) and their derivatives have shown anti-inflammatory, soothing, healing benefits, as well as antioxidant powers slowing down aging. It is also an antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial ingredient that is a powerhouse for acne problems when coupled with the improved circulation it can bring to the skin. This can reduce sensitivity and redness. By also encouraging a natural pH level it further helps the skin’s biome become healthier.


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