Ingredient Spotlight: Ethyl-O-Ascorbate

As you’ve probably seen in our spa blog pages, we see a LOT of clients who are unhappy with sun spots, age spots, and general pigmentation issues.

Ethyl-O-Ascorbate is another ingredient that is used to help stop this at the root. It is a stable derivative of Vitamin C, an ingredient found in several ways in our products.

Melanin, or pigment, is synthesized in the body. Tyrosinase is a part of this chain. Ethyl-O-Ascorbate inhibits the activity of Ethyl-O-Ascorbate. You’ll find many of the ModVellum Clinical skin care products we carry in Sarasota, Florida have tyrosinase inhibitors in them to reduce future signs of skin damage and aging.

In addition, this ingredient has the ability to accelerate the synthesis of collagen and improve the luster of skin. It protects against free radicals using anti-oxidant powers (which also helps the product itself last longer!) while also assisting in reducing inflammation and bacteria.

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