Ingredient Spotlight: Aristotelia Chilensis Fruit Extract

Maqui Berry extract (also called Aristotelia Chilensis Fruit Extract) is also called the Chilean Wineberry. Like many natural plant-based ingredients, the native Chileans have valued it, both for its nutritional value but also for its medicinal ones.

You may have even seen this “super fruit” in the news due to high antioxidant content. (Antioxidants in the berry include a rich variety of eight different anthocyanins such as its most potent delphinidin, which the maqui berry has more of than blackcurrant or bilberry.)

Delphinidin has been shown to help with UV-irradiated skin cells by assisting with free radical damage reduction. Maqui berry extract also helps to reduce evidence of skin damage (including pigmentation AND breakdown of collagen) that’s in process of occurring from UVB damage. It’s also been proven to be a (selective COX-2) inflammatory inhibitor.

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