How many chair massages can we fit in?

You’ve decided to hire a massage therapist (or several) to perform a chair massage. How do you go about scheduling them?

What happens during a chair massage?

Once a client shows up in the designated wellness event area, such as the breakroom or an office where onsite chair massage is being held, it will take a few minutes to do a consultation.

A consultation is critical to performing a massage that feels good and is safe for the team member. Some therapists require clients to sign off on a consent form or even fill out an individual health form.

Once the short discussion is over, the client is invited to sit on the massage chair. A face protector is put on the piece that the face rests in for sanitary reasons. The massage chair is then adjusted to their comfort.

Better massage chairs have more possible adjustments, are sturdier, and hold heavier bodies. 

Once the chair massage is over, the client is asked to sit back slowly, wait for a moment, and stand up when ready.

The massage therapist will use a cleaning product of some sort to sanitize the chair between clients as well as clean their hands. 


Not everyone will want to receive a massage. And that is okay! Keep this in mind when planning your schedule. You’ll also note that people do end up in meetings, with jury duty, and out sick.

Be clear who is eligible to receive a massage. Is it only senior executives? The accounting department? Everyone? 

Once you have an idea how many people are truly interested, you can estimate how long each massage can be.

  • A 10-minute slot allows for 7 to 8 minutes of hands-on chair massage, depending on the health and mobility of the client
  • A 15-minute time period will allow for 12-13 minutes of onsite massage
  • 20 minutes allows for 17-18 minutes of hands-on
  • 30 minutes allows for 25-27 minutes of massage therapy

Sign up and reminders

Create a sign-up form with times starting however often you decide (10, 15, 20, 30, etc.) 

Write down a participating person’s name and extension number for each slot. Take into consideration scheduled meetings, teleconferences, training, etc.

Let the team member know what time they need to be at the treatment room and where it will be. We recommend 2-3 minutes early.

Remind all employees the day before the corporate wellness chair massage event. Also remind them the morning of the event.

If you have the ability, have another team member call each person a few minutes before the session to let them know they need to be in place soon.

Alternatively, you can have each person call the next. This will slow things down and may leave some people with far less hands on time than others.

If you’d like to discuss bringing one of our licensed massage therapists in to your office to perform clothed chair massage, please call 941-676-3433 and press 0 after the message.

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