How does the cold laser Prism Light Pod help arthritis and pain?

People who suffer from arthritis and chronic pain know how much the constant pressure of not feeling good can change you. You become less tolerant of others. Crankier. Moodier. Despite best efforts to hide your pain, it still seeps out in your body language, tone of voice, and energy level.

I know this all too well. You see, my husband was in the Gulf War and Panama and came home a combat connected disabled Army vet. He developed Rheumatoid Arthritis and fibromyalgia. For years he was on a cocktail of meds with varying side effects, averaging a 5-6/10 on his good days and 6-7/10 most days. Don’t ask me about his bad days.

When I first got the class 4 handheld warm deep tissue laser he was the first to receive a treatment.

I only did one side of his body so we could compare left vs right. He cried. I brought his treated side down to a 2/10 and he couldn’t remember the last time he’d had that much relief. Even spending most of a week in a therapy spa pool on a cruise ship, which helped, hadn’t done that much.

The first treatment lasted less than half a day. So we treated him twice a day. Then once a day. We were able to spread his treatments out more and more as they became cumulative. He was maintaining a 1-2 pain level.

His VA doctor, whom he saw every three months for years to manage his symptoms, was skeptical at first. Jay showed him the website of the manufacturer. The doctor couldn’t argue with results. It wasn’t just pain that had subsided.

  • My husband was participating in daily activities of living far more than he’d be able to before
  • He was able to use his hands immediately upon waking, instead of taking 20 minutes to have useful hands
  • His joints had shrunk in size due to reducing the inflammation in them
  • His joints were fully mobile

The rheumatologist had him come back once more, in three months.

At that visit he’d improved even more and the doctor graduated him to once a year, instead of four times or more.

The hand-held warm laser we use changed his life, as well as mine and our daughter’s. Daddy plays again. He’s no longer the “angry ogre”. His mood was much improved.

When the same technology became available for the full body, I jumped on it. You see, I had invented this in my head. I thought, “why not take the concept of a tanning bed, where a client can disrobe and have both front and back treated at once, and take out all the tanning components and replace them with laser therapy.”

I started using handheld lasers in 2010. I never dreamed that in 2018 someone would actually make my dream treatment machine. Two companies did. We are the FIRST in all of Florida to offer the Prism Light Pod, a full body cold laser device.

It treats the whole body in just 20 minutes. (It takes 20 minutes to do just my husband’s hands and wrists or just his feet and ankles.)

Laser therapy uses light to produce a significant anti-inflammatory effect, relieves pain in some, and speeds healing on a cellular level 4-10x faster.

When his joints were inflammed and swollen, the laser started to reduce that and over time eliminate most of it.

On people who have a minor injury–say a sprained ankle–they may do fine with the handheld laser.

Most people have issues in multiple parts of their body. The Prism Laser Pod/full body cold laser is fantastic for those people.

It’s also amazing for athletes who want to recover faster and for those with concerns about signs of aging.

If you’d like to try a handheld laser session, book “free laser demo” by clicking “book now” at the bottom of any page.

To try our whole body cold laser pod, we have a trial pack of three sessions for just $99.

We’re sure you’ll have more questions about light therapy and how it can help you; here is the link to our master FAQ page.  Or give us a call at 941-676-3433 or book online!

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