How Does Laser Therapy Work?

This article is meant to be a basic overview of how our cold laser full body Prism Light Pod works. For those with a science or medical background, we have an in-depth look at the science behind laser therapy here.

Laser Therapy such as our cold laser full body Prism Light Pod system has several effects that make it a fabulous choice for full-body wellness and recovery:

  • It brings more blood flow to damaged areas which “feeds” them with oxygen, nutrition, and hydration, and then flushes out waste products
  • It stimulates release of the body’s natural pain fighters called endorphins
  • It stimulates healing on a cellular level, speeding recovery 4-10x normal speed
  • It reduces inflammation in every type of tissue in the body
  • It boosts production of elastic and collagen (great for anti-aging!)
  • The light helps to kill acne causing bacteria (as well as other bacteria, viruses, and fungi)
  • It helps athletes recover from workouts faster
  • It is a safe, scientifically backed treatment with very few potential side effects

We’re sure you’ll have more questions about light therapy and how it can help you; here is the link to our master FAQ page.  Or give us a call at 941-676-3433 or book online!

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