First Week of Feedback from the Whole Body Cold Laser Pod

August 1st unveiled our whole body cold laser pod, the Prism Light Pod, for reducing pain and inflammation, and speeding recovery and healing by 4-10x normal. Here is what our Lakewood Ranch massage customers who tried it had to say:
Rheumatoid Arthritis: “This gave me the relief that the hand-held laser did, but all over at once!”
Back pain: “After about 15 minutes it felt like my lower back just melted into the device and all the pain pooled out of my body.”
Back pain: “I wish I had known I could move around a little. Other than being somewhat uncomfortable during the last few minutes, I really felt a positive difference.”
Shoulder: “I couldn’t believe how much better my shoulder felt for several days after the treatment.”
Multiple Areas: “The hand held laser took about ten years off my knees. The pain really didn’t come back a lot between treatments. The full body laser really helped all over, in just 20 minutes.”
Fibromyalgia: “The stiffness and acheyness melted away. I felt a lot better. Slept good, too.”
Runner: “I came in after a race and I was surprised not to have any soreness the next day. I usually have pain for 2-3 days after.”
Arthritis: “For the most part the pain went away to a manageable level after just one treatment, and it only came back slightly before the second treatment.”
Stress: “It felt like the most amazing nap, or like after getting a really good massage. My stress levels were reset and I felt relaxed. No wine required!”
If you’re ready to try Florida’s ONLY full body cold laser Prism Light Pod, book online or call 941-676-3433. For a limited time you can get a three-session trial-pack for $99 ($150 value).

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