Cheap Skin Care Products Online = Bad Idea

While many establishments that provide skin care sell products that are also available for purchase online or through store-fronts, we don’t.

You must come in to the office to purchase them.

That may seem like a pain in the ass, but I promise you it’s for the best.

Why does this protect you?

  • You KNOW the products have been in a climate-controlled environment, not sitting on a warehouse shelf in the heat
  • You KNOW the products are fresh and not expired
  • You KNOW the products have not been diverted
  • Your LICENSED ESTHETICIAN can give you advice on which products are best, NOT a commission-based sales person who’s only had a few hours of training
  • Our products are all technician strength; much more effective than what you can buy from an MLM or a drugstore; it’s important to find the RIGHT product
  • It’s equally important to AVOID a product that may interact with your medication or do double duty (the skin care equivalent of avoiding taking several cold meds that all have ibuprofen)

We know that you want to get the best products at a fair price.

Our mission is to EDUCATE and EMPOWER you so that you can do that.

And here’s why our professional products are going to be the better choice:

  • More active ingredients in stronger strengths than over the counter or mass distributed
  • Use far LESS of a product to get the same result (we love ModVellum for the Drop Technology; you don’t waste any!)
  • Use products that serve multiple purposes so you don’t have fifteen things to slather on (and don’t double up on ingredients that could be harmful)
  • Our lines do NOT test on animals and have pledged not to sell in countries that require it
  • Our lines are manufactured in FDA registered and compliant laboratories which test EVERY raw batch of materials; we know EVERYTHING that’s in the bottle
  • We know where the raw ingredients came from and that they are as advertised; no sneaky marketing gimmicks
  • Our lines are appropriate for sensitive skin (one is the ONLY professional product line to exclusively serve sensitive skin of all kinds!!!)
  • Our lines are chirally correct (blog post on this coming soon)
  • Our lines are ethically sourced
  • They cost about the same as MLM products (within $5 when we researched this)

We understand you want to amazon or ebay to see if you can find something cheaper; we get that. Come talk to us about our lines before you make your decision; there’s no obligation and chances are we can find you a solution you’ll be happier with. Call 941-676-3433 or book online today.

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