Acne Tips for the Bedroom

Looking for ways to reduce acne?

This article will highlight ways you can overhaul your bedroom to reduce current break outs and hopefully start to prevent new ones.

Dirty Skin

When do you shower, first thing in the morning or last thing at night?

This seems to be a fairly personal thing, and people who do it one way think the rest are “doing it wrong”.

When you are looking for ways to reduce acne, you need to consider where you’re spending your time and what you are exposed to.

If you go to bed dirty, that dirt and bacteria will get on your pajamas and sheets and such. (And in Florida, sleeping sans-PJs is common because it gets so darn hot!)

Showering before bed has been shown to drop the core temperature and enhance sleep. But at the very least, wash off all makeup, and remove dirt from the face, hands, and feet before bed.


Avoid wearing the same nightgown, pajamas, sleep shorts, etc. for more than a couple of nights. Especially if you go to bed without showering first or sweat heavily. Bacteria can build up and cause breakouts.

Other things such as fungus can spread. Ringworm can go from site to site when you re-wear any clothing.

Pillow Case

If there’s one bit of advice you take about reducing acne in this whole bedroom-focused article, it’s to change your pillow case. You can use one pillow case for two nights if you flip it around.


Sheets that come into contact with acne-prone areas should be changed regularly. Especially if you tend to curl up and touch the sheets to your face or other broken out areas.


People are better about washing their sheets and pillow cases than they are their comforter. If you cannot wash the comforter itself, see if it has a cover that comes off. Washing a duvet cover is easier on most washers than the whole thing. If you cannot wash it regularly, avoid touching it whenever you can.

Dust Mite Protection

Some people react to the fecal leavings of dust mites. It can lead to red, irritated skin. Use dust mite protection on your mattress and pillow cases.


Do you sleep with your animals? Be aware that if your pet has a skin infection (which may not be obvious), you could be exposing yourself to it as well as to all the dirt and filth they can carry. Try to keep them on an area that you don’t touch rather than on the sheets and things you interact with. Make sure Sparky gets a bath regularly, and don’t let him in bed if he’s visibly dirty or smells badly.


If you have sensitivity to dyes or fragrances, check out the detergents which have neither. Our sheets are professionally laundered with All Free & Clear, which is also what most of us use at home.




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