Acne Tips for the Bathroom

Looking for ways to reduce acne?

This article will highlight ways you can overhaul your bathroom to reduce current break outs and hopefully start to prevent new ones.

Facial Towels

It doesn’t take long at all–especially in a humid environment like Lakewood Ranch–for towels to start growing bacteria. It’s there long before you can smell it.

Every time you wash your face, use a new towel to dry it off. (And PAT PAT PAT, don’t rub!) At the very least, you can reduce acne on the face by using a new facial towel every day.

Body Towels

Just as your facial towels will grow bacteria, so do your bath towels. You’ll find that in Sarasota the high humidity makes it hard for towels to dry fully. Some blends of fabric (such as bamboo) claim to be antibacterial, others dry faster.

If you struggle with breakouts on your body, change your towels daily, if possible. The major box stores often have towels for $4. No, they aren’t the softest, plushest, or largest options, but if it’s that or a butt full of acne and boils, I know what I’d pick.

Hair Dryer

One way to make sure everything gets dry is to use your hair dryer. This will help reduce moistness in the groin area which can help thigh and butt breakouts as well as other issues all genders can get. Drying off your feet can help reduce foot fungus.

Shower Temperature

Many people love long, hot showers. The hotter your shower, however, the more irritated and dry your skin can get. Keep your showers short and warm, rather than long and steamy.


Your skin has a natural balance of good and bad bacteria. (So do your intestines.) When there are no good bacteria to control the growth of bad bacteria, acne can flourish.

Unless you must use an antibacterial soap (your doctor will recommend it) try using soaps that do not strip the skin. “Squeaky clean” is NOT a good thing and generally means that your lipid layer (oil balance and protection from the environment) has been compromised.

Skin and body care items are out there that have prebiotics and probiotics, encouraging the growth of good bacteria. Look for a lot more to come to market in the next few years.

(Note: there are now cleaning solutions for your kitchen and bathroom surfaces that work similarly.)

Skin Care Routine

Your skin care routine is important. You want a high end skin care line that will give you the cosmetic benefits you want while not compromising the skin. Your skin type and condition will also play into what works, as well as allergies, environment, and time of year.

At the very least, ALWAYS remove your makeup at the end of the day.

Put the Lid DOWN

When you flush the toilet, what do you think happens to all the wonderful germs that live in the water? Toilet bacteria has been found ALL over the bathroom (yes, including on your towels and toothbrush!) so be sure to train your family to put the lid down every time they flush. (This also stops the putting the seat up vs down argument between genders.)

Speaking of Lids…

When you sit on the toilet, parts of your bottom and thigh touch the top of the seat as well as the inside rim of the seat. Wiping that surface down regularly, even if just with a lysol wipe, can help with breakouts that happen on the bottom and thighs. Reducing acne is easier when you aren’t re-exposing yourself to bacteria every time you sit down.

Hair Products

The hair products you use will often transfer to the skin that is touched during the day. Hair spray, gels, and other product are often culprits with neck and forehead acne.

When spraying yourself, protect your face with towel or stiff piece of paper.


Just like you shouldn’t store your medicine in the medicine cabinet of the bathroom, avoid storing your cosmetics in the bathroom. Constant dampness and warmth makes bacteria happy. It’s hard to reduce bacteria when you are putting it on your face.

Choose a foundation that is suited to your skin type. Your local makeup expert can help you with that.

Throw out makeup as soon as it expires, grows something, smells funky, or changes texture. These are all signs that it’s spoiled.

Cosmetic Brushes

Your brushes, sponges, and beauty blenders should be washed regularly.

If you are putting makeup on your face, which is broken out, and then re-dipping into a makeup container, you are cross-contaminating the whole thing. (You’re cross-contaminating anyway, but if you’re broken out already it’s especially bad.)

There are sprays you can use on your pallets to kill bacteria. For liquids, pour a tiny bit out on the back of your hand and use the brush or blender there.

For that reason, throw away your eye shadow and mascara if you come down with pink eye or another eye infection. Otherwise you may reinfect yourself.

If you apply makeup with your fingers, rather than brushes or sponges, be sure to wash your hands thoroughly including the finger nails. A nail brush is a good investment. People with longer finger nails can harbor many nasty germs and not even realize it.

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