Acne Tips for Everyday Life

Looking for ways to reduce acne?

This article will highlight ways you can overhaul your daily habits to reduce current break outs and hopefully start to prevent new ones. (We also have an article for reducing acne in the bathroom and bedroom on our blog.)


Studies have shown that your phone is nasty. Probably dirtier than a public toilet. Wipe your phone down daily and don’t use it while you eat. Be sure to set it down on a clean surface before attending to bathroom clean up and don’t touch it again until your hands are clean.

Most of us don’t touch our phones to our face anymore, but those who do need to be aware that any bacteria that lives on your phone will be transferred partially to whatever it touches. If you have an actual land-line, make sure to wipe down the receiver as well.

Touching Your Face

We touch our faces all the time. It’s a bad habit. Most moms try to stop their kids from doing it, yelling that, “this is why you keep getting sick!” And it’s true.

It’s a difficult habit to break. Every time you touch your face whatever is on your hands is going to end up on your facial skin, eyes, or mouth. For that reason it’s work putting in the effort.


Your phone is dirty and you shouldn’t touch your face. You’re probably still going to touch your face. Sanitizing your keyboard and mouse, at both home and work, is a quick task that will help reduce acne as well as your risk of catching the cold from a shared terminal.


In Lakewood Ranch and Sarasota it’s almost impossible not to sweat. Especially in summer. Moisture, friction, heat, and dark spots are a treasure trove for germs and skin irritation. It’s also a way that hair care products and cosmetics can melt and transfer onto other surfaces.

Keeping Dry

Damp, moist, dark, hot, humid… these are the conditions under which bacteria flourish. Try not to sit around in workout clothes, swimsuits, etc. Dry off as best you can as soon as you can.



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