Our Approach

We are the misfits. We do things the way WE think they should be done; and that often means differently than traditional spas.

We have a steampunk-themed massage therapy/spa office. Our team isn't required to wear makeup. We welcome tattoos and piercings. We're the non-judgy spa where you can actually relax.

Didn't shave your legs? Wearing your PJs? We really don't care. Come in, have a great experience, listen to your favorite music, and chill out.

We're the spa for the blue collar workers, the women who run with the wolves, the people who don't fit in elsewhere, and those who do fit in but want something different.

You're as likely to see a tattoo artist in our waiting room as you are a professional musician, roller derby girl, grandma, gay leather couple, or a lawyer.

Our Story

The Sarasota, Lakewood Ranch, Bradenton Florida area is inundated with a ton of spas who have oceanic and zen themes. The menus they offer are almost identical.

We wanted to give the community something different; a spa that's comfortable, non-judgemental, and that offers unique treatments like CBD Oil Massage.

Our spa is in Sarasota near both and Lakewood Ranch, Bradenton.

Meet the Team

Our team of licensed massage therapists and licensed estheticians is encouraged to do the following:

  1. Follow their passion. No one is forced or expected to perform a service they don't want to.
  2. ALWAYS put the customer's best interest first. This is why they don't work on commission. We've sent clients home, referred them to other providers, changed techniques in the middle of a massage...
  3. Live and breathe education for the industry. We offer them continuing education reimbursement, time off for CEs, and in-office trainings regularly. They also have access to a large in-office library of books and DVDs.


Super Power: Secretes Xanax from her Fingertips

(Just kidding!) But seriously, she gives one of the most relaxing and sedating massages in the Sarasota area.


Super Power: Endless Patience with Trigger Points

One of the most patient therapists in town; your trigger points will be gently coaxed and charmed away. Can work on the most tender, sensitive clients as well as those who love extreme deep pressure.


Super Power: Taming difficult skin and muscles

Our clinical skin specialists loves to help rebuild the health of the skin. She also gives a fabulous Thai on the Table massage!

Next Steps...

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