Mad scientists were often geniuses in their fields who eschewed convention to push the boundaries of what was possible and were seen as “mad” (or crazy) for doing so. At Mad Science Massage & Spa we offer the latest in technology and science to help bring you treatments that are both scientifically sound and effective. We don’t claim to be geniuses; just determined to do things our way instead of their way  (like giving you a true hour massage instead of a 50-minute “spa hour”)   and disrupt the industry. You deserve it.

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What a great place to get a massage. The mad science theme is very creative and fun. Lizz Pugh and her staff are extremely knowledgeable, caring and kind. This is the first time and longest length of time I have gone without a headache. Lizz is great at educating you about how you can help yourself with different home care ideas.

massage – nancy b.
Deborah stretching out a client

That was amazing. I don’t think I’ll do regular massage again after that. It was like being stretched by my trainer but 100 times better. I feel amazing!!! Highly recommend!

Thai on the Table – Jen R.

Attentive, careful to ensure precise alignment with customer wishes and every effort to provide complete customer satisfaction. Qualified and professional expertise.

massage – Richard l.

How we’re disrupting the massage and skin care industries:

  • Co-create your experience. From your favorite music, your perfect pressure, session goals, upgrades and add-ons. No more ordering massage off a menu (like pizza) or having to guess what you need. We’re there to help you every step of the way.
  • Our “Hour” massages are TRULY 60-minutes of hands-on therapy time, not a 50 minute “spa hour”.
  • Not everyone feels comfortable in a high-end feminine spa. Our office is more of a posh industrial steam-punk/mad science vibe and many of our clients feel right at home.
  • Our therapists are paid LIVING WAGES and make the same hourly rate regardless of what type of massage you receive. Oh… and you pay one hourly rate no matter what massage upgrades you choose!
  • One price for all our massages and upgrades so your therapist can create a truly customized session for you every time. (Yes, you can get C*B*D Oil, aromatherapy, scrubs, hot towels, cold stone facial massage, and more for ONE price.)
  • Our therapists see a maximum of five clients a day. That means you’ll never get a tired, burned-out therapist or be the eighth client they’ve seen that day.
  • Our sheets are super-clean. We use a local laundry service. Only one set is used on the table at a time and each client gets fresh new sheets.
  • We are heavily evidence-based and our technology has been picked for its safety and efficacy. We are picky because our clients deserve the best.
  • Our skin care lines had to meet very strict criteria and be effective and help rebuild the health of the skin; we do not “do” aggressive treatments that promise short-term results and long-term problems. We work together over time to help you meet your goals. 
  • You can get the exact same high-end advanced skin care treatments that cost upwards of $300, now for just $130-$150. 

$89 for One Hour Massage
$89 for an Hour Pampering Facial
$89 for an Advanced Skin Care Consultation
$114 for 90-Minute Massage
$130 for Advanced Peels or Nano Treatments
$150 for Advanced Peel AND Nano

The laser tx on my plantar fasciitis worked very well. Felt the pain decrease in my feet by 50% after one tx.

Laser – Linda M.

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